Agaves Garden Bouquet Refill 200ml



When you want to change the fragrance or refill your reed diffuser, this Agaves Garden Bouquet Refill 200ml is perfect. Extremely pure, it will overcome you with its verdant and delicate scents. Central America in particular is in the spotlight with the top notes of blue agave, which combine perfectly with a dash of lemon and a few coffee aromas. The aerial, floral and powdery heart is composed of white freesia, honeysuckle and violet, prolonging these moments of gentle freshness. This bright spring ensemble ends on the warmly bewitching accords of ambery sandalwood, blended with the delicious and sweet scents of vanilla, for even more indulgence. The Agaves Garden Bouquet Refill 200ml marks the atmosphere with its gracious and delicate trail. An ode to nature and femininity, between refinement and exquisite fragility that invites you to wander and to dream.

SKU: 006862
Barcode: 3127290068620


Maison Berger

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